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Preparing Students for College and Beyond

At De Titus Ambassadors Group of Schools, we make sure that your kids are ready and equipped for their big journey ahead.

Secondary School

Junior Secondary

It can be tough for children to transition from primary to junior secondary school. During this time, your kids will be entering an important phase in their lives: puberty.

At De Titus Ambassadors Group of Schools, we are here to guide your kids during this tremulous period of time and help them gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed not only through secondary school but also in life.

Together with you, we will watch over your children as they make their way through life. Our staff will serve as spectacular role models next to you. With the different lessons and topics we have in store, we will make sure that your kids have the foundation to succeed in whatever path they take.

Senior Secondary

After completing their junior years, preparing your kids for college is one of our biggest priorities. During their senior years, we will help them untangle the college admission process, allowing them to acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitude to develop a strong foundation for further education and training.

Additionally, we will develop each child’s critical thinking skills and rational judgment to prepare them for their chosen path. Count on us to mold your children into the leaders of tomorrow.

Need Help?

Contact us in Lagos, Nigeria for more details about our curriculum for secondary students.


Enrollment Fee – 20,000 Naira (Nonrefundable)

De Titus Ambassadors Group of Schools accepts online payment. To enroll your child, please fill out the form with the correct information.

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Payment Gateway 

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