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A Place for Your Kids to Grow and Learn

Let us help you nurture your child’s talents and abilities.

Nursery School

Give your kids a chance to learn and develop their academic and social skills! At De Titus Ambassadors Group of Schools, our nursery teachers conduct a variety of activities that will help your kids explore and enhance their knowledge and interpersonal skills. We also encourage them to develop a positive behavior and mindset so they will become headstrong and civilized adults.

Make sure that your kids are primary-school-ready. Enroll them today!

Primary School (For Kids Ages 5 to 12 Years Old)

Looking for a primary school that provides an effective learning environment for kids? De Titus Ambassadors Group of Schools in Lagos, Nigeria is your best choice!

With the help of our licensed teachers, we will boost your kids’ confidence and develop the skills they need to thrive and succeed in the future. We have created instructional strategies that will keep our students involved in curriculum materials.

We deliver standardized learning to meet established standards of education, while providing them with a safe and positive environment for effective learning. At De Titus Ambassadors Group of Schools, we aim to provide them with opportunities to make friends and develop communication skills for further progress.

Got Any Questions? 

For all inquiries, do not hesitate to call or email us today.


Enrollment Fee – 20,000 Naira (Nonrefundable)

De Titus Ambassadors Group of Schools accepts online payment. To enroll your child, please fill out the form with the correct information.

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Payment Gateway

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